Mad Marketing: Drive Real Results with these Lessons from Fury Road


Mad Marketing- Drive Real Results with these Lessons from Fury Road_DONE

Is your B2B lead generation as arid as a desert and refusing to grow revenue? Here’s a success story for you:

All the praise that Mad Max: Fury Road has incurred since it first hit cinemas last month is well-deserved by a film that took nearly 30 years to materialize.

George Miller’s tale of an ex-cop turned survivalist in a post-apocalyptic Australia had enthralled audiences in the 80s with authentic action sequences and an engaging narrative. Right after the bland Beyond Thunderdome, fans were eagerly awaiting a fourth installment. But due to budgetary issues and other setbacks, Miller and his crew were forced to make several delays, triggering speculation that they wouldn’t push through with a fourth film and that the franchise has been sent to the junkyard.

It was not until 2011 that Miller announced Fury Road to continue Max’s saga. And truly, the wait was all worth it now that a new generation of moviegoers have expressed interest in the franchise and older viewers have considered Fury Road a masterpiece in the action movie genre.

Fury Road,  for many critics, has set the standard for creating a film sequel continuing the successes of the past. Can it also provide the standard by which an effective lead generation campaign is built? Indeed, the movie provides some vital pointers for the B2B marketing world.

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Don’t take things too fast.

Thirty years in the making, yet the film was able to make up for the long wait by offering a well-crafted story that fits its budget. If it took that long to plan a successful sequel, then it would be the right approach for marketers to meticulously prepare their campaigns with no rush. Success in terms of lead acquisition and conversion can only be the result of effective, prolonged planning.

Make the experience unforgettable.

Audiences were literally pushed to the edge of their seats watching well choreographed fight scenes atop vehicles moving at full speed. For a “two-hour long car chase sequence,” Fury Road knows how to make a lasting impact by simply taking into account the emotions of its audience, a trick B2B marketers can very well replicate (that is, without the chase sequence and all).

Make it real.

The magic of Fury Road is derived from its minimal reliance on computer-generated imagery. Excluding a sandstorm sequence, majority of the crashes and explosions and other effects in the film were organic. Miller makes it a point to render everything within Fury Road as real as possible. For B2B marketers, this involves building authority through research papers and case studies providing credible insights about your products and services capabilities.

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